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Katy Perry eating that ice cream has put a smile on my face lol

"A year ago or nine months ago, he wouldn't have done this," said Troy's father, Jason. A carnival is not the most natural fit for Troy. Like many autistic children, he is sensitive to sound, and the family often brings noise-canceling headphones to public events. With a quiet vibe and an array of activities designed to provide sensory outlets, the Family Fun Day, held Saturday at the Westminster campus commons, is a yearly chance for families to unwind and play in an atmosphere where the needs of children on the autism spectrum are anticipated and embraced. Children jumped in a bouncy house; shook bags of cream, sugar and ice into ice cream; and played with tubs of slime. The event also serves as a sort of practicum for students in Westminster's class on autism, taught by special education professor Shamby Polychronis. Students planned and operated the activity centers after spending the monthlong class learning how autism manifests and different perspectives on what being on the spectrum means: Is it a "disease" to be cured? Is it one of many variations of whatever "normal" is? "It introduced us to the world of autism in a way that allows us to see it as part of us, part of society, part of the human experience," Kuhr said. Near the face-painting station, a young boy apprehensively approached the coloring book table.

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